If you are looking to  boost your Spanish, these lessons are perfect for you as they will be adapted to your needs. You will notice the results from the first class as we focus on the comprehension and speaking skills which will help  to have a great confidence while speaking the language. 

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Spanish Leaving Cert

We understand how important is for you to get a good band in your Spanish Leaving Cert Exam, this is why our amazing team of Spanish Teachers is here to help and support you. Our 1to1 lessons will allow you improve your oral and comprehension skills in no time, we teach our students to develop skills and strategies for them to deal with the different parts from the Oral with no difficulty.

What do we offer?

  • 1to1 Lessons (40 min/1h) to work the Oral
  • 1to1 Lessons (40 min/1h) to work the different parts of the Exam
  • Revision Sessions (15 min/30 min) to practice the Oral Interview and Role-Play. These sessions are perfect to know what the students can improve before the Leaving Cert Exam.