The best time for kids to learn a new language, skill, or anything beneficial to their coming years is now at their early ages. That is why we are bringing Hablo Español courses and classes to you.

According to census reports, Spanish is the second most spoke language in the world. It continues to become more popular and learning this language can help children have a new way of connecting with others. It also opens up opportunities in their future where language might have been a barrier. It’s relevant for travel, employment, cultural and academic advantage. And not to mention learning Spanish can be fun!

Lesson for Kids

Spanish Club

We have a fantastic Spanish Club for the kids to get started in the Spanish language, it takes place at the Hall from Zion Church in Rathgar. It includes a lot of fun activities, the children dance, play and do art and crafts activities while they learn their first words in Spanish.

Spanish Club Senior Starting Wednesday 13th of September, 4:15pm-5pm – 115 euros (fully booked)

Spanish Club Senior Starting Wednesday 13th of September, 3:45pm-4:15pm – 100 euros

Education Programs for Schools, Crèches and After school Services

Hablo Español has designed a education program that can be implemented in different centres like primary schools, crèches and after-school services. This programme offers numerous learning opportunities for children to start speaking Spanish Click on the link below to read more about it!

Contact us to see find out more about our lessons for kids