Hablo español language school

The name of the company says it all-Hablo Español-I speak Spanish!. David focuses on giving students the confidence to talk. His lessons are practical, focusing on real life situations. He gives students the necessary vocabulary and grammar to be able to converse freely. Unlike many other Spanish schools his focus is on being understood and understanding first, with grammar perfection being developed once that initial confidence and ability to speak is achieved. This how we learned English! Gracias David. Todo lo que puedo decir es que “si yo fuera tú, aprendería español con Hablo Español!

Neil C. O (Dublin)

Loved the courses with David – he makes it enjoyable and easy to learn – I done 2 courses and will definitely sign up for another soon. Well worth the money. Gracias David

Natalie L. (Laois)

David is an excellent teacher. He is patient, encouraging, affirming and very good humoured. He corrects lightly and sensitively. When I joined his conversation classes I had basic grammar and vocabulary but I couldn’t speak in Spanish. I have learned a lot from him and I always enjoy his classes.

Margaret O. (Dublin)

I really enjoy and gain so much from David’s class each week. David prepares so well for each class, his lessons are alway structured, inclusive and enjoyable. David has given me a love of Spanish and the confidence to use this lovely language.

Rosaleen O. (Dublin)

A fun and friendly way to learn Spanish. I like the variety of activities and easy to learn method used in each session. David is very encouraging, a natural teacher. Highly recommend.

Myrissa (Dublin)

I love my Spanish classes with David. Classes are interesting, participative, fun and social. David’s teaching style is very motivating and encouraging. Activities and posts between classes are most beneficial and the personal feedback from David is useful. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and how easily I can hold a conversation in Spanish. Definitely recommend. Hablo Espanol ahora!

Joan O. (Wicklow)

David is such an amazing teacher! He is so passionate about teaching and you can experience that during his classes. He always comes prepared with new material and fun activities so all classes are unique. He is very patient and doesn’t mind explaining the same thing in different ways. Thanks David !

Yarin (Brazil)

I have found David to be a naturally gifted teacher. As someone who always struggled with languages I have found David to be one of the best teachers I have encountered. I could not possibly recommend him enough

Jerry O. (Cork)

I have done a number of Spanish classes with David. I really enjoy them and learn a lot. He’s got a fun entertaining style that makes learning easy. I highly recommend taking a class.

Alan L. (Dublin)

I thoroughly enjoy the spanish classes with David and have been surprised at the level of progress. David is a good teacher who is interested you how you progress.

Lucy O. (Dublin)

David’s Spanish classes are great! He makes the students to really use the Spanish language and that is the only way to truly learn a language! The classes have the perfect balance of learning to speak and learn the grammar.

Rosaliina R. (Finland)

I found the course very helpful as a beginner. Cristina was very good.

Mary M. (Ireland)